In my film class I was trying Cherry Aid for the first time and my teacher asked “what should we call the documentary about Emily trying Cherry Aid for the first time” and one kid just started into fits of laughter and then the slowly room understood..

Too tired. Last night went on for too long.

My boyfriends mum has changed our plans for his birthday and I’m now not allowed to see him until after he has lunch. He is 18 years old, not 12.

Last night was one of the scariest nights of my life.

It is so great to have Matt back. We were on his bed making out and talking and he just stops and says “I really want to play Zoo Tycoon”. So we both just stopped everything and went to play it and then when he was walking me to my car, he picked me up and I put my legs around him and he leant me against the car and then we made out, it was so hot and so stereotypical movies but I just loved it. 

God damn this boy is good.