It is so great to have Matt back. We were on his bed making out and talking and he just stops and says “I really want to play Zoo Tycoon”. So we both just stopped everything and went to play it and then when he was walking me to my car, he picked me up and I put my legs around him and he leant me against the car and then we made out, it was so hot and so stereotypical movies but I just loved it. 

God damn this boy is good.

He’s back, with a sexy beard! 

I now have respect for the meaning Monster-in-law

Like half an hour till I see him!

The dilemma, do I go to school to see Matt for only a little while because his mum is a raging bitch, or do I wait for a couple of hours and then see him?
I have been thinking on this for too long…

Surprise call from Matthew :)))

these are going to be the longest three days

It has been a week since I last saw him, 9 days to go till I can see him again…

I finally got to talk to Matt!!! :D